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The Caterham Seven is a racer for the road, honed during years of development in the toughest automotive environment there is: motorsport. That's why the Seven is the car of choice for the racing driver, and why Caterham Motorsport is such a spectacular success...

Racing has always been at the heart of Seven ownership. Through the '60s and '70s, Sevens raced in many sports car and mod-sports championships, and their dominance was such that they were eventually deemed "too fast to race" and banned from open competition.

As a result, a one-make, multi-class championship for Caterhams was formed in 1986. In the years since, Caterham Motorsport has become one of the most successful forms of club racing the world over. Indeed there are now 17 Caterham championships in nine countries.

Caterham Motorsport offers racing to suit all budgets. The ideal starting point is the evo Caterham Academy, where complete beginners can get an inexpensive (yet priceless) grounding in the sport. From there they can progress via the Caterham Roadsport Challenge to the pinnacle of UK-based Caterham competition, the Powertrain Caterham Challenge for R400s and Roadsport A machines, and also compete internationally in the Caterham Eurocup or the new Cosworth Caterham Masters.

With more than 600 Caterham drivers registered for the track and an estimated further 250 Sevens competing at different levels of club motorsport, on any given weekend there are more Caterhams racing in the world than any other car.

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Please note: this site is a enthusiast website and is in no way officially (or otherwise) associated with or endorsed by Caterham Cars Ltd or any of it subsidiaries.

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