The Caterham Graduates series was started in 1998 by drivers who had competed in the Caterham Scholarship and wished to continue racing their cars to the same specification. The championship was originally a mix of races, hillclimbs and sprints, but in 2000 changed to being exclusively circuit races. Many drivers have come from the Caterham Scholarship/Academy, but the series is open to all regardless of motorsport background. Drivers range from complete novices to ex-karting champions.

The cars used in the series are Caterham Seven Classics, with live-axle suspension and 8-valve Ford or Vauxhall engines producing about 100bhp. They run on Avon "Fuel Saving" tyres which can be expected to last a full season of racing. The specification is very tightly controlled, with no changes allowed. This means the cars are all very evenly matched putting the emphasis firmly on driver ability. Professional race teams are actively discouraged, but instead technical support is provided free to all competitors at test and race days. This all combines to make Caterham Graduates one of the most cost-effectively ways to go racing.

The series has grown to be one of the largest in the country with nearly 70 registered competitors in 2001 (nearly 100 including the Super-Graduates class). For the 2002 season, there will be a qualifying race and a feature race at every round, giving two full grids.

The series is administered by the British Automobile Racing Club.

Caterham Graduate Technical Specifications
Download the Championship Regulations PDF

Race Administration
Nick Frost
Chairman, Caterham Graduates Racing Club
Mobile/pager: 07768 540 848
Fax: 0117 988 6320

Technical Support for the series in being provided by Team Parker Racing
Contact: Andy McMillan
Tel: 01455 822686
Mobile: 07703 467890

Further information can be found at the Graduate web site

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  May 23, 2019