The Graduates' 2012 season is going to be virtually a continuation of 2011 with just a few minor tweaks. The Caterham Graduates Racing Club is run by its drivers and for its drivers - so what you get out is what you put in - and plenty of people seem to be prepared to put in enough to ensure that it all works pretty well. All likeminded drivers (or would-be drivers) are very welcome to join us! The class structure and spec (more details at

Classic Graduates: For cars to the 1995 - 2000 Academy spec: Live axle, 1600cc and 100bhp from either Ford x-flow or Vauxhall 8 valve.

Super-Graduates: For cars to the 2000 - 2007 Academy spec and the old K-series Roadsports-B spec, with Rover engines. Just add tyres (Yoko 048Rs at about £55 each) and a rear anti-roll bar.

Sigma-Graduates: New separate class since 2011 – for Ford/Sigma-engined cars from the 2008/11 Academy.

Mega-Graduates: Upgrade from Supers’ spec: Add: 20bhp Supersport upgrade with new cam, ECU, solid lifters, valve springs; aluminium inlet manifold from MMM takes power to around 150bhp at modest cost; front wide-track;

Today the Club has over 150 racing and social members supporting a three class structure, each running with their own grid.  Driving standards are taken very seriously and enforced by a Driving Standards Committee.  The Club is a non-profit making organisation run by members for members.

Club Membership comprises ex-members of the Caterham Academy, including some original founder members from the original Caterham Scholarship.  Each year new members join from the Academy along with novices and experienced racers from other areas of Motorsport.  One thing is guaranteed - whatever your ability and experience you will find someone to compete against and enjoy the close competition that Caterham F1 Racing is all about.  Past members include newly crowned Formula Palmer Audi and former Caterham Masters Champion Jon Barnes, Roadsport A and Eurocup Champion Nelson Rowe, Eurocup Champion Chris Reynalds, Roadsport A Champion Dave Dyson, current Caterham Challenge racer Rachel Green and Caterham Masters racers Oliver Bull and Sarah Reader.

Affordability is a key ingredient to Graduates racing – expensive team support is excluded and technical support on test and race days for all competitors is paid for by the Club and provided by McMillan Motorsport.  Strict regulations allow only limited modifications and work on the sealed engines is limited to a single nominated engine builder, McMillan Motorsport.  Typical annual budgets for a full season, including travelling and subsistence costs, generally fall in the range of £5,000 - £7,000.

Racing Membership subscription for 2007 is £250 and included test and race day technical support plus a driver's centre facility on race days providing breakfast, lunch and tea.

Calendar - The 2007 calendar is 14 rounds over 9 weekends with 5 double and 4 single headers, including Spa.  3 drop scores are allowed.

Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in class together with awards for best improvers (grid v finish position).

The Cars:  Class Structure / Specification

Classic Graduate

Former Scholarship / Academy cars up to the year 2000 with Ford or Vauxhall 8 valve engines producing some 100 bhp. Yokohama A539 tyres.  Cars available from £6,500 

Super Graduate

Ex Academy cars with Rover 16 valve engines, producing some 120 bhp, with the addition of Yokohama A048R tyres, limited to 3 sets of tyres per season, and a rear anti roll bar. Cars available from £10,000 

Mega Graduate

An upgrade from the Super Graduate comprising the Supersport engine kit and a VVC plenum, producing 150 bhp, Widetrack suspension with adjustable front and rear anti roll bars, aero screen, Yokohama A048R tyres, limited to 3 sets of tyres per season. Option to delete lights and fit non cat exhaust. Cars available from £13,500

2008 Caterham Graduates Race Calendar




1st March (Trackday)

Oulton Park (Int)

BookaTrack [NF1]  

Sat 29th March

Oulton Park (Int)

Fri 28th March [NF2]  

Sun 20th April


Fri 18th April

Mon 5th May

Castle Combe

Thurs 1st May [NF3]  

Sun / Mon 25th/26th May  **


Sat 24th May [NF4]  

Sat/Sun 7th/8th June  **

Brands Hatch (Indy)

Fri 6th June [NF5]  

Sat 21st June

Silverstone (Nat)

Fri 20th June [NF6]  

Sun 20th July

Mallory Park

Weds  16th  June [NF7]  

2nd/3rd August  **


Fri 1st Aug [NF8]  

Sun 14th Sept


Fri 12th Sept? [NF9]  

Fri/Sat/Sun 3rd/4th/5th Oct


Th/Fri 2/3 Sept? [NF10]  

Timetables for the events will be available on the BARC web-site

* These are the days when CGRC have arranged for tech support from MMM; most circuits have a choice of other days.
** Two day race meeting – may be racing either day or both
*** Polley Motorsport will be in attendance to fit Yokohama tyres.
Please make certain to call them beforehand to order your tyres.


Race Administration 
Nick Frost
Chairman, Caterham Graduates Racing Club
Mobile/pager: 07768 540 848

Technical Support for the series in being provided by McMillan Motorsport
Contact: Andy McMillan
Telephone - 01455 239900
Mobile - 0797 444 000 7
Address - Wharf Farm, Coventry Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire. LE10 0NB

Further information can be found at the Graduate web site

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